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By Kalvau Moli

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post) - Port Vila street vendors currently selling artifacts and other items would be pleased to know that the Port Vila Municipality is planning a new 300-square-meter commercial complex.

The estimated Vt12 million (US$103,000) complex is to be built behind the Port Vila Library.

Lord Mayor Patrick Crowby has described the project as a present to vendors who have serviced thousands of visitors to the Capital.

"It will be a landmark building and I am appealing to all mothers who are now sheltered under tents in front of Vila's main market to be ready to be part of this new project," Crowby said.

He is anticipating that the project would be started around August and be completed by December.

He dismissed any claims by politicians with regards to the initiation saying, "any project initiated by my council should be credited to the faithful tax payers of Port Vila", he said.

The Mayor has initiated the new building complex amid two significant defections from his council-reducing the National United Party Councilor from three down to Crowby alone.

But he said he would not be deterred by the defections and that he insists on staying on as Mayor and that his past development program will determine his survival in offices.

Annual elections for the post of Mayor are usually held in October.

July 2, 2004

Vanuatu Daily Post: http://www.vanuatudaily.com/

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