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PAPEETE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, July 11) –Rear Admiral Patrick Giaume has taken up his duties as Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces in French Polynesia.

Giaume was installed as commander on Friday in ceremonies at Papeete naval base.

For the last time, predecessor vice admiral de Contenson inspected troops and symbolically left the base on board a ship.

Giaume, 50, was previously Commander-In-Chief of the Naval Air Forces in France.

In addition to becoming Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces in French Polynesia, rear admiral Patrick Giaume is also commander of the Pacific Maritime Zone and as such he is French Navy ships supervisor in the Pacific.

He is also in charge of the C.E.T. (Pacific center of experiments) in Moruroa and Fangataufa atolls (Tuamotu archipelago) where French nuclear tests took place from 1966 to 1996.

After the ceremony, the new admiral in office declared no major change has been planned concerning the Army staff and units in French Polynesia.

Rear admiral Patrick Giaume started his military career in the aeronautical navy and Captain on board two French Navy ships, the surveillance frigate "Germinal" in 1993 and the frigate "Tourville," in 1998.


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