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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Aug. 26) – A former Fiji cabinet minister and now senator has launched a scathing attack on the Qarase government, describing it as racist and shameless.

Speaking in the Senate, Jim Ah Koy said the government claims to be run on Christian principles but there was "nothing Christian about the government."

Senator Ah Koy said the SDL government "promotes racism by its blue print and affirmative action programs (for indigenous Fijians) almost to the exclusion of all other ethnic communities in Fiji."

He said "the government promotes divisions between the two major race by most of its actions and policies."

He accused the government of hypocrisy "by denigrating the Indian community by day and being entertained and fed sumptuously by Indian businessmen by night."

Senator Ah Koy said "the leadership of the government has absolutely no shame and overtly promotes only those who contribute lavishly to the SDL’s campaign funds."

He said "the government needs not only a corruption probe but a morality probe at all levels."

August 27, 2004

Radio New Zealand International:

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