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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, Oct. 3) –Logging companies on Gela, in the Solomon Islands Central Province, are reported to have deprived landowners of payments due to them.

Member of Parliament Frank Pule says these payments include, goodwill payments, compensation for damaged property including tambu sites, trespassing into other people's lands, log pond sites, anchorage fees and a promised housing project.

He says a number of companies have received export exemptions which the people never received any benefits from.

Mr Pule says logged out areas have never been rehabilitated as contained in some of the logging companies’ agreements with resource owners on the island.

He adds that villagers have never been assisted or compensated for polluted or damaged water sources caused by these logging companies.

Mr Pule says that in one instance, two logging companies are in a dispute over destructive activities caused on the island.

He has called on the Department of Forestry, the churches and chiefs to call on logging companies on Gela to immediately stop all logging activities to allow equitable benefits and meaningful developments on the island.

October 4, 2004

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.:


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