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By Agnes M. Abrau

KOROR, Palau (Palau Horizon, Oct. 11) — With the absentee ballots already counted for the primary election, President Remengesau has widened his lead over his closest rival, Polycarp Basilius, according to the Election Commission.

Unofficial results showed Remengesau with 4,907 votes, including 532 absentee ballots while Basilius had a total of 1,941 votes, with some 117 from absentee included in the total.

Remengesau and Basilius will face each other for the presidential race in the general election on Nov. 2. Ben Roberto had a total of 429 votes.

A total of 699 absentee ballots were counted, with total votes cast reaching 7,483.

In last Tuesday’s primary election, combining the proper and central boxes, the incumbent president is leading with 4,375 votes.

Basilius has 1,824 votes, Ben Roberto 409. The unofficial results did not include the absentee ballots which reached 1,382.

According to the unofficial tally, voters who chose a write-in candidate numbered 82; those who wrote nothing or blank, 22; while 92 were void and 10 others rejected.

Unofficial results: Rafael wins Angaur governorship

Incumbent Governor Horace Rafael wins in the recently-concluded 12th State general election.

Rafael has a total votes of 185 as against his rival, Fred Lewis who had 64 votes. The still unofficial results included votes from 7 absentee voters.

Leading the five-seat Legislature are Carlos Ramon, 197 votes followed by Joshua Lewis who had 185. Third is Leon Gulibert with 185 votes; Norbert Blau, 173 and Arnold Asao, 136 votes.

Write-in candidate Natus Misech had 134 votes.

The poll body will certify the election results 15 days after the election. The state’s general election was held simultaneously with the primary election on Sept. 28.

October 11, 2004

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