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MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Oct. 27) – The new President of Nauru, Ludwig Scotty, has named his cabinet, promoting one of the newly-elected members of parliament to ministerial rank.

Two of the ministers in the government that went to the elections have been demoted to the backbench.

Nauru has a cabinet of six ministers and one of the new line-up, the Minister for Island Development and Industry, Frederick Pitcher, is a first time member.

The other member promoted to the ministry is Godfrey Thoma who outpolled the opposition leader, Rene Harris, to take the top position in their two-member constituency.

Mr Thoma is Minister for Justice.

The Health Minister, Doctor Kieren Keke, and the Education Minister, Baron Waqu, have retained their portfolios.

The leader of the Reformist Visionary Group, David Adeang, remains as Foreign Minister, Minister for Finance and Leader of Government Business.

Two former ministers, Fabian Rebauw and Marcus Stephen, have missed out.

Mr Adeang will move straight away on the first day's sitting of the new parliament to introduce the budget.

The blockage of his budget precipitated the snap election, but now Ludwig Scotty's government has a solid majority.

October 27, 2004

Radio Australia:

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