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ULAWA, Solomon Islands (Pfnet, Oct. 27) – Solomon Islands Commissioner of Police, William Morrell was bestowed an honorary chiefly title of Ulawa on arrival at Pirupiru on Ulawa Island this morning.

The ceremony came at the end of an official tour of Makira-Ulawa Province in the Solomons.

Morrell was guest of honor at Pirupiru Community High School graduation ceremony today, attended by staff, students and parents of the school around the island.

Hundreds of people also witnessed the ceremony today.

At the traditional restoration ceremony, the commissioner was garlanded with traditional shell-money.

The principal of Pirupiru Community High School, Andrew Mamau, explained that the title makes the commissioner the eye and ear for the people and community of Ulawa and Pirupiru Community High School.

Mamau said the title empowers the Commissioner of Police to assist Pirupiru Community High School by listening out and looking for possible assistance for the school and the community.

Commissioner of Police, Morrell continues his tour to other parts of Makira-Ulawa Province tomorrow stopping first in the morning at Three Sisters Islands before traveling on to Ugi and then to mainland Makira.

October 29, 2004


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