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PAPEETE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, Oct. 29 ) – Former French Polynesia President Oscar Temaru filed an appeal Thursday with France’s highest administrative court in Paris, challenging Gaston Flosse’s Oct. 22 parliamentary election as president, Temaru’s coalition group announced Friday.

The appeal, filed with the Council of State, contests the validity of the parliamentary censure motion, by the new group Te Ara, that ousted Temaru four months after his popular election.

It describes as "irregular" the intervention of French High Commissioner Michel Mathieu in calling on the French Polynesia Assembly’s third vice president, Lana Tetuanui, a member of Flosse’s party, to replace the parliament’s speaker, Antony Géros, a member of Temaru’s coalition.

Temaru’s appeal also described as irregular the third vice president substituting for the Assembly president, who was neither absent nor prevented from attending.

The appeal claims there was no convocation of Tahiti government presidential candidates for the Oct. 22 election that Flosse won by a vote of 29-0 in the 57-member Assembly.

The appeal contests the allowing of only one day between the announcement of the presidential election and the deadline for candidates to file. And it claims the publication of the election results in the French Polynesia "Journal Officiel" was not signed by Assembly President Géros.

The Temaru coalition’s communiqué also reported that another appeal would be filed by Yves Conroy, a non-parliamentary candidate for president who received the necessary 15 sponsoring signatures, but who was not convoked for the Oct. 22 election.

November 1, 2004

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