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PAPEETE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, Nov. 3) – Disputed French Polynesia President Gaston Flosse called on former President Oscar Temaru Wednesday to meet with him to discuss Tahiti’s political situation.

"I made an appeal to him and I told him that I’m ready to meet him so that we can discuss together the situation in our country," Flosse said.

He said he intends to tell Temaru, "Listen, be patient. Let’s wait for the results of these appeals, the courts’ decision. Let’s be legal and leave our fellow citizens in peace," Flosse said.

He said he was worried about the current difficult context accentuated today by the occupation of "certain very important administrative offices" by Temaru supporters.

"I think that in doing so, Oscar Temaru has crossed into a very serious area," Flosse said. "Why infringe on our public liberties? Him, the leader of the Union for Democracy. Where’s the democracy? It’s being trampled on today. Why want to ruin the country?" Flosse said he feels the population has been taken hostage.

Flosse also said that his opponents recently joined the appeal filed by Flosse’s party with the Council of State in Paris requesting that the May 23 election results in the Windward Islands be canceled.

"After the elections, when we had filed this cancellation request, he (Temaru) treated us as a bad loser, and, today, he gives us reason," Flosse said. "He recognizes that he committed irregular acts. Today, everyone agrees, the May 23 elections in the Windward Islands must be cancelled," Flosse said.

He also said the Council of State is expected to reach a decision on Nov. 20.

Meanwhile, Flosse said, the legitimacy of his government cannot be contested.

"The censure motion is legal, the Oct. 22 election of the president is legal, the composition of the government is legal. Let’s wait for the court’s decision since on the question of elections he (Temaru) has also filed an appeal."

November 5, Tahitipresse: http://www.tahitipresse.pf/index.cfm?lang=2

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