By Oyaol Ngirairikl

HAGATNA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Nov. 6) – After garnering about 3,000 more votes than his challenger, President Tommy Remengesau has secured four more years at the helm of the Republic of Palau's government.  There were a total of 9,664 votes cast for Palau's Nov. 2 General Election. And while Palau's Election Commission waits for about 500 absentee ballots from the U.S. mainland, the number will not affect the presidential race.  Results for the five constitutional amendments, among which is the question to allow dual citizenship with the U.S., may be released next week with the final election results, according to Palau's Election Commission officials.  Absentee ballots must be counted seven days after the election, or by 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 9. Then the commission has 15 calendar days after the general election date, which is Nov. 17, to finalize the results.  While many incumbent senatorial and delegate candidates got enough to votes to secure their seats in the Olbiil Era Kelulau, Palau's bicameral legislature, the absentee ballots might give one of two senatorial candidates, Seit Andres and Lucius Malsol the votes they need to push past Caleb Otto.  Otto holds the last position in the Olbiil Era Kelulau's nine-member House of Senate race. Currently, Otto has 4,125 votes, barely fending off Andres, who has 4,121 votes. Malsol has 4,090 votes.  The absentee ballots also may be the tipping factor in the race for the Olbiil Era Kelulau's House of Delegates. Each of Palau's 16 states has one delegate.  In a few states, like Ngiwal and Ngardmau, less than 10 votes separate the leading vote getter from the next candidate.  Remengesau said he's humbled and gratified that so many people believe in his ability to lead the young island-nation for a second term.  Remengesau ran his presidential campaign on balancing economic growth with environmental protection, and yesterday said he is looking forward to "growing the economy, which is essential to the survival of the republic."  Remengesau said he is waiting anxiously for the results of the five constitutional amendments that also were on the ballot. The president said that the constitution had needed some change to reflect the needs of the young nation, which is why he fought to get the amendments placed on the ballot.  There were five initiatives that, if the people of Palau consent to, will amend the constitution. They include: dual citizenship; election of a president and vice president as a team; limiting representatives of the Palauan Congress to three four-year terms; reducing the two Congressional houses to one; and adjusting Congressional members' salaries.  Voters also were asked whether a Constitutional convention should be held to review and possibly revise Palau's constitution, which the Palauan people ratified 10 years ago. 

November 5, 2004

Pacific Daily News:

*Tommy Remengesau Jr. 6,260  Polycarp Basilius 3,180 


Camsek Chip 6,684  *Sandra Pierantozzi 2,726  SENATE  (There are nine seats in the Senate) *Surangel Whipps 7,087  Alan Seid 6,950  *Mlib Tmetuchl 6,292  *Yukiwo Dengokl 5,134  *Johnny Reklai 4,884  Alfonso Diaz 4,811  *Joshua Koshiba 4,701  Santy Saul Asanuma 4,659  Caleb Otto 4,125  *Seit Andres 4,121  *Lucius Maisol 4,090  Paul Ueki 3,623  *Steven Kanai 3,156  Carlos Salii 3,147  *Harry Rubasch Fritz 3,029  Imelda Nakamura-Franz 3,007 Dilmei Olkeriil 2,484  Emiliano Kazuma 1,118  Miriam Timarong 1,004  Edobo Temengil 921  Gillian Johanes 816  Margarita Borja Dalton 543  DELEGATES BY STATE 

(Each state has one seat in the House of Delegates)

Aimeliik *Kalistus Ngirturong 375 

Angaur *Maro Gulibert 207  Victorio Uherbelau 95 

Arai *Noah Secharraimus 447  Charles Obichang 422 


*Thomas Patris 54  Nemecio Andrew 45  Kayangel

*Florencio Yamada 114  Masayuki Adelbai 91  Evence Beches 57 

Koror *Joel Toribiong 1,370  Roman Yano 876  Sam Masang 873 


*Augustine Mesebeluu 187 Henaro Antonio 107  Kazuo Asanuma 92 


*Antonio Bells 442  Tadashi Sakuma 344 

Ngarchelong *Kerai Mariur 485  Yusim Sato 172 


*Lucio Ngiraiwet 138  Rebluud Kesolei 132 

Ngaremlengui *William Ngaraikelau 242  Swenny Ongidobel 95  Akino Mekoll 82 


*Okada Techitong 127 


*Sabino Anastacio 232  Moses Uludong 174 


*Noah Idechong 241  Elia Tulop 237 


Jonathan Isechal 352  *Gerdence Ide Meyar 277 


*Flavian Carlos 90  Palau's Election Commission 

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