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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Nov. 23) - Six rogue policemen assaulted and fired four shots at a businessman and his son outside their store in Port Moresby yesterday afternoon, less than a hundred meters from the Boroko Police Station.

The southern region mobile squad members, armed with M16 rifles and believed to be based at MacGregor, fled in three unmarked cars when they realized that the nearby metropolitan police command had been alerted.

One of the policemen also snatched away a camera from The National's photographer who had rushed to the scene.

Metropolitan superintendent Mark Kanawi and NCDC commander Tony Wagambie declined to comment but sources said the central police (radio) network was abuzz over the incident at Boroko Trophy Haus.

Witnesses said they could only watch as the policemen, some of whom were in plainclothes, assaulted Frankie Gui and his son, Allan in the incident which occurred at 12:30pm.

It is believed that the policemen had earlier gone to a Kwik Shop at Lahara service station in Boroko supposedly to check the work permit of the manager. However, they became rowdy and an argument ensued between them and the staff.

Gui, who owns the Kwik Shop chain, arrived shortly and demanded an explanation but was assaulted instead. He pleaded with them that he had a heart condition but they continued to punch him.

When they finally stopped, Gui told them that all the documents were at the company's head office at Trophy Haus.

At the office, Gui showed the policemen the documents and told them to leave.

Another argument ensued and this time, Gui, his son and a worker were assaulted.

At one point, one of the policemen fired four shots from his M16 at the feet of Gui and Allan.

The incident attracted a large crowd who watched in shocked silence. Some later told The National that some of the policemen appeared to be intoxicated.

A guard tried to close the gate to prevent the policemen from escaping but was threatened with a rifle.

Gui, who suffered several bruises on his body, said he was shocked by the policemen's behavior.

"They assaulted me, my son and my worker without provocation.

"I'm very upset as I have contributed so much to the police force through cash donations as well as fuel," he told The National.

He said he had lived in the country for some 25 years and employed about 450 nationals.

"How could they do this to me?" he lamented.

Gui, who has lodged a complaint with the Boroko police, said he would ensure that those responsible were brought to justice.

November 24, 2004

The National: www.thenational.com.pg/

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