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MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Dec. 6) – Vanuatu's biggest newspaper is calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Serge Vohor after reports he assaulted the Chinese ambassador.

The alleged incident occurred on November 22, during a row over Mr Vohor's unilateral recognition of Taiwan, despite Vanuatu's one-China policy.

The weekend edition of the Vanuatu Daily Post describes it as another indiscretion for which Mr Vohor should resign

Beijing's ambassador to Port Vila, Bao Shu Sheng, says he was pushed on the shoulder by Mr Vohor when he sought to complain that Taiwan's flag was still flying after it was supposed to have been taken down.

Ambassador Bao says the incident happened outside the parliament building.

Vanuatu's Chief Justice, Vincent Lunabeck, is expected to rule Tuesday on the constitutional validity of a vote of no confidence.

The opposition tried to debate a motion of no confidence against Mr Vohor last Thursday, but the speaker suspended debate pending the court ruling

December 6, 2004

Radio Australia:


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