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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Dec. 20) - Police are cracking down on their own men who are trying to be above the law and get involved in illegal activities.

Deputy Police Commissioner Gari Baki said on Friday a senior police officer who was allegedly involved with an operator of illegal horserace gaming machines would be dealt with by the police after a court restraining order is settled.

As well, five mobile squad members will face disciplinary charges after the bashing of a business owner and his son.

The senior officer was found at an illegal horserace gaming machine operator’s residence when the inter-government operation to confiscate illegal machines was carried out two months ago.

During the operation, it was reported there were certain senior police officials who were linked with the operators of the machines.

"The officer is currently on leave and we can not do anything but wait," Baki said.

He said the police internal affairs staff carried out the investigation and would be giving the charges to him.

Baki said the same officer had taken a court order against the police to prevent them from carrying out any disciplinary action against him.

The senior officer was alleged to have attempted to stop the deportation of six Chinese men who were believed to be illegal immigrants early last year.

After the internal affairs staff carried out their investigation, he obtained a restraining order against them.

"The case is still pending and that is why we cannot do anything much about it," Baki said.

Meanwhile, five members of the Southern police mobile squad will be served with disciplinary charges after the internal affairs police completed charges they would be laying against them.

The men were involved in a recent incident where the owner of Nambawan Trophy House Frankie Gui was bashed.

The men had gone to the Lahara Kwik Shop service station to question two Chinese men who were working there when the incident happened.

Reports released after investigations stated that Gui went there when he was told that his employees were being questioned by police.

The report stated Gui was bashed and later four gun shots were fired at the feet of his employee and his son at his office at Nambawan Trophy House.

"We as police have a responsibility and role that we need to conform to," Baki said.

He said there was no justification for the shots to be fired by the police officers to get the owners out.

"The internal affairs will prepare the charges according to the actions they carried out at the Trophy House," he said.

December 21, 2004

Papua New Guinea Post-Courier:

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