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By Bernadette H. Carreon

KOROR (Palau Horizon, Jan. 5) — Palau President Remengesau has retained all members of his cabinet and appointed Vice-President Camsek Elias Chin as Minister of Justice.

This was announced by Remengesau during his installation ceremony on Jan. 1, stating that the ministers during his first term were key players to his winning his second term.

Earlier, Remengesau announced that he would nominate Dr. Victor Yano as health minister, which was left vacant by former Vice President Sandra Pierantozzi.

Another ministry left vacant by the justice ministry who was previously occupied by Michael Rosenthal. Last week Rosenthal stepped down from the ministry to work in China.

Remengesau said that based on his previous discussion with Chin, the vice president agreed to occupy the Justice Ministry which he used to occupy during the administration of former President Kuniwo Nakamura.

He said Chin has the experience in handling the job and in maintaining law and order.

The president said that with Chin at the helm, the country’s peace security and stability would be ensured.

Chin for his part said that the president asked him to fill in the position which he said is a very important ministry.

He said he is ready to take on the job and will work well and instill cooperation and unity in the ministry.

Bureau of Public Safety Hazime Telei said that yesterday they had their first meeting with Chin and all the MOJ staff welcomed him to the ministry.

Telei believes with Chin leading the ministry a lot of good things would be happening.

He said Chin’s interest is that the staff does their job to the best of their abilities.

Remengesau retained Elbuchel Sadang as Finance minister, Fritz Koshiba as Resources and Development minister, Alexander Merep as Community and Cultural Affairs minister, Mario Katosang as Education Minister, Temmy Shmull as State Minister and Otoichi Besebes as Commerce and Trade Minister.

"The resounding support that I got from the Palau electorate is a reaffirmation of what we did in the first four years," Remengesau said.

He added that the ministers played a critical part in the overall performance of his administration during his first term.

He said the ministers are expected to double their efforts during the second term.

January 5, 2005

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