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SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Jan. 6) - A recent claim by the Fiji Labor Party that a "hit list" targeting some Fiji members of parliament can’t be substantiated for lack of evidence, said Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes.

Hughes said the claim does not provide evidence of the allegations and therefore an investigation cannot be carried out on that account.

"What we have at the moment from the Fiji Labor party is a claim of the hit list," he said. "I've seen no hit list; what I've got from the Labor party is a covering letter on top of the media release, that's what I've received. I can't investigate that, that is not information, that is not evidence, that is a media release."

Claims were made earlier this week by Labor parliamentarian Poseci Bune who said a "hit list" had been has been given to a former soldier convicted of coup-related charged and had recently returned from Nukulau after serving a two year sentence.

The list included Labor leader Mahendra Chaudhry, party president Jokapeci Koroi, Senator Atu Emberson-Bain and Bune himself.

Hughes says a suspect who had been apprehended after these complaints were received by police was taken into custody for his involvement in a previous alleged assassination plot.

"There was a historical incident which occurred even prior to the May 2000 coup when, we understand, there was a plot to assassinate Chaudhry who was then the Prime Minister," he said "It is his alleged involvement in that particular incident that attracted the attention of the Commissioners Task Force.

With regards to charges laid against the suspect, Hughes says he had not been informed on the matter.

"I've had no briefing in relation to his current status but I do know that he was interviewed by the Commissioners Task Force."

January 7, 2005


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