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By Ferdie de la Torre

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Jan. 19) – Immigration authorities on Saipan are seeking to deport seven Chinese women, six of them former garment workers, for alleged prostitution.

According to court documents filed by the Attorney General’s Office and the Division of Immigration Service, the women were observed soliciting passersby from Oct. 2004 to Jan. 2005 in the Garapan area.

The Immigration Service filed deportation cases against the seven women. Superior Court Associate Judge David A. Wiseman issued a warrant of arrest against the seven respondents yesterday and set $1,000 cash bail for each.

Immigration inspector Erwin T. Flores requested the court to issue an order to show cause why the respondents should not be deported from the Commonwealth.

Flores said the respondents were "not working for their authorized employers during these occasions, but rather in an unauthorized capacity."

Flores said the Labor and Immigration Identification Documentation System indicates that non-resident workers’ permits were last issued to the seven women with the category of a salesperson, hand sewer, waitress, masseuse, and commercial cleaner.

The inspector noted that the respondents’ permits are either expiring in 2005 or had already expired a couple of years ago.

Flores said the respondents failed to comply with the terms and conditions of their entry permits and are therefore deportable aliens.

Immigration records show that all but one began work on Saipan as garment workers. They landed other jobs such as waitresses, masseuses, salesclerks, and commercial cleaners.

With their present jobs, Immigration found out that the seven women have also engaged in prostitution.

Immigration documents indicate that the first respondent started as a garment worker for Trans Asia Garment Factory Corp. She moved to Royal Palms International Inc. as a waitress, then to Far Ocean Corp. as a salesperson.

The second respondent worked as a hand sewer for Global Manufacturing Inc. She then moved to JSJ Corp. as a hand sewer.

The third woman was employed as a waitress for U.S.A. Smile Inc.

The fourth respondent used to work as sewer at the Commonwealth Garment Manufacturing Inc. She transferred to Ko-Woon Corp. as a masseuse.

The fifth was previously employed as a sewing machine operator for N.E.T. Corp. She became a waitress for Xu Lan Corp., then a sewer for Mirage Saipan Co. Ltd. She transferred as a commercial cleaner for Mariano Pangelinan.

The sixth woman used to be a hand sewer for Global Manufacturing Inc. She became a commercial cleaner too for Pangelinan.

The last respondent worked as a hand sewer for TransAsia Garment Corp. She transferred to Far Ocean Corp. as a sales clerk and finally as a masseuse for Jin Ji Corp., documents show.

January 20, 2005

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