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By Patrick Antoine Decloitre

PAPEETE, Tahiti (Oceania Flash, Feb. 23) – A former education minister, Louise Peltzer, has been elected President of the University of French Polynesia (UPF), local media report.

The other candidate, Jean-Marc Régnault, a professor in history and politics, recently released a book focusing on French Polynesia's political developments since last year.

Peltzer, who replaces Sylvie André for a five-tear term, was elected by the university's council, which mainly consists professors, students and government representatives.

The current caretaker government of French Polynesia is held by long-time ruler Gaston Flosse, who was ousted at the weekend in a motion of no confidence.

Peltzer is currently a professor in linguistics at the UPF.

As a minister for Culture, Higher education, Research and the promotion of Polynesian languages until last year, Peltzer has on many occasions stressed her views about the need for more Pacific Islanders teaching at the local university. She launched a series of initiatives including a new system to train teachers in both French and Reo Maohi and a day to celebrate the indigenous language.

The cultural celebration developed into a three day event, each year, which feature dance, song, O'Reo (story-telling) performances, open-air shows and the famous tamure dance groups.

Peltzer also said, as a minister for culture, that culture promoters and defenders should not be afraid too use modern-day technologies such as video, CD-ROM and the Internet.

"We believe new information and communication technologies, in this globalised world, can play a significant promotional role for our language", Peltzer said

February 23, 2005

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