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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, Mar. 2) – Harold Keke, the former Guadalcanal warlord accused of the murder of Fr. Augustine Geve, today told a Honiara court that a man he described as his uncle and an accomplice killed Geve.

He testified that Geve, shot multiple times on a beach at Haliatu village on Aug. 20, 2002, was killed by a man he identified as his uncle Morris and another man named Lianga killed Geve. Both men are dead, he said.

Keke said he left Inakona village for Haliatu just before midday on the day Geve died because he wanted to discuss with him the contents of a letter Geve had written to the Prime Minister in Honiara.

Keke yesterday testified that in the letter, Geve asked Prime Minister Allan Kemakeza to divert to his personal account some $39,000 in touring allowances for his trip to the Weathercoast.

Keke said the money was originally meant for Viso clinic.

But Keke said when he got to Haliatu village, Chief William Suia approached him just when he was getting off his boat and told him Fr. Geve was already killed.

He told the Court his uncle, whom he referred to as Morris, and another person called Lianga killed Geve.

Keke said he was not happy with what was in the letter but he only went there to talk to him about the money.

He also contradicted earlier testimony in the trial, saying he never contacted Nathaniel Supa from the then Peace Monitoring Council nor SIBC on the radio about the shooting the next day.

Keke also denied speaking on the radio to superintendent Nathaniel Mosese at the Rove Police Headquarters on the following day.

Keke said Morris was pretending to be him when he spoke to Mr Supa, SIBC and Mr Mosese - an action for which Morris was cautioned over and beaten.

He also told the court that all three men, Morris, Chief Willie and Lianga were dead.

Crown Prosecutor rob Barry will continue his cross examination of Keke when the trial resumes tomorrow morning.

March 3, 2005

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.:

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