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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (Mar. 5) – A campaign against illegal firearms in Papua New Guinea has started - possibly the most serious attempt by any PNG government since Independence on this soaring problem which is posing an extremely serious threat to our national and individual security and our country’s prosperity.

This problem cuts right across the political divide in the National Parliament and it is pleasing to see both the Government and the Opposition united in their resolve to return peace to our homes, streets and villages.

Acting Prime Minister Sir Rabbie Namaliu and Opposition Leader Peter O’Neill in their separate addresses at the launch of the guns control road show were firm in their conviction that this country must be free of illegal guns and that all citizens should enjoy their freedom and civil liberties so abundantly guaranteed under the National Constitution.

On the front page of the edition of Tuesday May 25 last year, this newspaper declared in its editorial that the time had come for all political leaders of this country to focus their attention on the threat of guns. We stated that all leaders, both in Government and the Opposition, must put their political differences aside and deal with this threat that is about to force our country into chaos.

So we applaud the Government and the Opposition leadership for the display of unity they have shown on this issue. Their unity is a demonstration of the commitment to solve the number one law and order problem facing PNG. This is not a joking matter.

The leaders have led the way. It is up to the people to play their part in eradicating illegal guns from our communities.

What kind of nation are we to leave for our children, our grand children and the future generation if illegal guns remain where they are at present? Minister for Internal Security Bire Kimisopa has shown great leadership and courage in taking this issue to the forefront of Parliament and the nation.

March 7, 2005

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