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PAPEETE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, Mar. 3) – (Tahitipresse) - Delayed video broadcasts of daily television news programs in French and Tahitian will be aired on the "Tahitipresse" Internet website starting next week along with a separate "subject of the day" program and eventually a weekly TV news program in English.

The agreement announced by Agence Tahitienne de Presse (ATP), which operates the Tahitipresse website, and Tahiti Nui Television (TNTV) came after several months of work on the project. Although ATP has contacted the French State network RFO-TV and FM radio stations, there still have been no replies, said Eric Garnier, ATP general manager.

"We are now the leading communications media outside of (French) Polynesia," Garnier said of Tahitipresse. He based that on the some 15,000 daily visitors to the "Tahitipresse" website, which provides local and regional news in French and English seven days a week. Thirty percent of the website visitors living outside French Polynesia are English-reading, while 70% are French-reading, Garnier said.

The partnership agreement signed between ATP and TNTV will help to increase the volume of both audiences as more local news and events are diffused internationally, he said.

Internet users visiting the Tahitipresse website need only use the Windows Media Player to play the video broadcasts of TNTV’s entire 15-minute separate news programs in Tahitian and French of the night before. With a broadband connection, downloading takes only some 30 seconds, Garnier said. He noted that unlike TV news programs in the U.S. and other countries, the TV news is presented in Tahiti with no commercial breaks.

Another video broadcast of a daily 10-minute daytime TNTV program is also available on the Tahitipresse website 10-12 hours later. This program allows an invited guest to speak about a specific topic.

"The evening news programs can be viewed starting the next morning, but we are going to try to optimize this delay," Garnier said.

The next object will be to offer delayed video broadcasts of TNTV’s weekly "Tahiti News" program in English on the Tahitipresse website, he said. This program presents a roundup of the week’s news in English.

The target audience for the delayed broadcasts of the TNTV programs on the Tahitipresse website are the people from French Polynesia living overseas who are interested in keeping up with the news about Tahiti, Garnier said. The partnership will thus allow both Tahitipresse and TNTV to increase their international audiences, he said.

A secondary audience will be business people and potential investors who would like to visit French Polynesia, Garnier said.

Nick Toomaru, TNTV’s general director, noted that such audiences will end up with a complete array of desired information about French Polynesia, starting with Tahitipresse’s written articles each day and supplemented by 40 minutes of TNTV programs daily.Toomaru also insisted on a need for using subtitles for the TNTV news programs, providing French subtitles for the Tahitian news and English subtitles for the French news.

Meanwhile, Tahitipresse announced that it plans to give its news story presentation a new and improved look starting next week. And TNTV plans to launch its Internet website next Monday, focusing its attention on developing its marketing sector and allowing audiences to not only tune into its news programs live but also to view the rest of its daily programs.

March 7, 2005

Tahitipresse: http://www.tahitipresse.pf/index.cfm?lang=2


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