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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Mar. 16) – Taxpayers of the Solomon Islands can’t afford to pay for another vehicle for the new Minister of Provincial Government, Stephen Paeni.

Not at this time when the country is struggling financially to make ends meet.

That is why the former minister of Provincial Government, Clement Rojumana, must return the government vehicle he was recently allocated to the government so that his successor can use it.

He must know that only government ministers are entitled to government vehicles and houses. Rojumana is not a government minister anymore.

He is now just an ordinary member of parliamlent. And he should do the right thing – surrender the vehicle back to the government and go back and live among his constituents.

The defiant former minister’s argument in defending the possession of the vehicle is that he was appointed a deputy chairman of a government task force, which entitles him to a house and car. He argued that the appointment was made by Prime Minister Allan Kemakeza and his entitlements were stipulated in an agreement he signed with the prime minister.

Is this not a clear case of misuse of scarce government resources? Should a politically appointed person who was just a deputy chairman of a task force be given a vehicle and house?

A lot of hardworking government workers who are entitled to government vehicle and house are still not been accorded their rightful benefits.

Why Rojumana? What is so special about him? Or better still, how could he make decisions in a taskforce when charges of corruption are still hanging over his head?

Is this not an appointment made merely for Sir Allan’s political survival and expediency?

It’s time the Government learn how to live within its means.

While roads in the country are in precarious poor conditions and villagers are crying for government help, Prime Minister Sir Allan just cannot allow for the purchase of vehicle after vehicle.

He must not do that at the expense of the majority.

Rojumana must act and behave like a mature leader by surrendering the vehicle back to the government.

It is government property, and rightly belongs to the Department of Provincial Government.

If he wants a vehicle as stated under his so-called agreement with Sir Allan, he’ll have to wait until the prime minister finds money to buy a vehicle for him.

It’s time leaders show leadership and act maturely in their dealings with public matters.

March 17, 2005

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