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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Mar. 18) –Cook Islands Prime Minister Jim Marurai and Foreign Affairs Minister Tom Marsters are due to visit Papeete this weekend for talks with the new president of French Polynesia, Oscar Temaru.

The visit follows a request from Mr Temaru for both parties to discuss ways in which his administration can help the Cook Islands in its recovery from a series of damaging cyclones last month.

Marsters says when the cyclones hit, Papeete was the first to call the Cook Islands government and offer services to help in the recovery.

"The request is from the President’s office itself, for an opportunity to sit down with the Prime minister and officials from the Cook Islands to see how best Tahiti can contribute to the reconstruction as it were, or assistance towards the hurricane problem in the Cook islands," he said. "The President, in the absence of a full report of what’s actually happening, wanted to get first-hand from us here where they could best help."

March 21, 2005

Radio New Zealand International:


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