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MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, April 6) – Australian Police Assistant Commissioner Shane Castles is expected to be named as the new Commissioner of Police in Solomon Islands.

Mr Castles has spent 28 years with the Australian Federal Police.

He was responsible for coordinating AFP resources to the Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands.

Mr Castles would replace Police Commissioner William Morrell, who returns to Britain next week.

Mr Morrell says he's been fortunate to preside over several significant changes during his two-year tenure.

"I suppose the most significant is that law and order has come back to the Solomon Islands and I give all credit to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands for that," Morrell said. "Without that, I'm sure Solomon Islands would have drifted into anarchy at some stage. My small achievements when I first started here were firstly the mobilisation of the special constables. We mobilised some 1,200 special constables in a very difficult situation. "One of my other achievements was closing down the police club. It sounds stupid now but at the time that was significant because the police were drinking in their club Friday, Saturday nights, all night long, getting drunk, walking out with guns, what have you."

April 6, 2005

Radio Australia:

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