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SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Apr. 5) - A calm and collected David Gilmour took the stand today in Fiji's Supreme Court, in a trial that could cost the American millionaire $70 million, should he lose.

Januz Kubs, a former Fiji Water shareholder and managing director is suing Gilmour, alleging that he misinformed him and his wife Mama'o of the company's performance and pressured them to sell their shares.

His lawyer Robert Fardell questioned Gilmour on the export of bottled Fiji Water during the company's beginnings in the mid nineties.

Gilmour was also asked why the United States had been chosen as the primary export market to which he replied, "We looked to the U.S. of the size of the market".

He said export was initially focused towards California and later to others states such as New York.

Kubs was a noticeable absentee at today's trail but his wife Mama'o was present and seemed upbeat about the proceedings.

Last week on the witness stand, Kubs claimed that Fiji did not benefit from the profits made from marketing of Fiji Water brand overseas despite its popularity.

Last Friday, former Fiji Water secretary Hari Lal, who now resides in Australia, was called to give evidence.

Lal told the court that Kubs had received four times the amount he had invested in the company and seemed happy.

Gilmour founded Fiji Water in 1993 under the brand Nature's Best. The company's name was changed to Natural Waters of Viti Limited in 1995 and the Fiji Water label was spawned.

Fiji Water has developed into one of the world's most recognizable bottled water labels and Gilmour sold it to Roll International last year.

April 6, 2005


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