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By Robert L. Iroga

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 13) – A Solomon Islands political candidate hopes to unseat Prime Minister Allan Kemakeza in next year’s election, saying he hopes to put an end to Kemakeza’s 20-year reign in the constituency.

Eddie Suku, known to many as Eddie Grant, is hoping to become the first person to oust Sir Allan when the county goes to poll. [The Reef Island musician ran unsuccessfully for office in the country’s last elections.]

"You might think this is impossible but it is possible for me," he said. "Right now in Russell [Island], people talk about me, they don’t know who is Sir Allan."

He said the social services to the people are non-existent and the people there feel that they have been forgotten.

Mr Suku, a musician, said because of that negligence the people have agreed to support a candidate that cares for them and easy to approach.

"My status as a simple man is my weapon," Suku said. "People will find it easier to approach me than talking to somebody whom they can’t approach."

He said nowadays the Russell people couldn’t approach Sir Allan because he is a very big man.

Asked why he decided to contest when he had only 48 votes in the last election, Mr Suku said: "The last time I registered before the closing of registration, this time I was asked and planned well to contest."

"If there is a difference then it is now. I have been mandated by the youths of Russell and Savo and I will not let them down," said Suku.

Mr Suku said the Prime Minister is no longer famous among the people because he has done little to address their needs.

"Now the elections is getting closer and already the PM has visited Savo three times. This shows that he is worried because he is losing numbers as well," Mr Suku said.

He said the people of the two islands have made up their mind and it’s now time to move on.

Mr Suku said it is now timely that leadership of the constituency is returned to the people of Russell.

He said the general desire of the people is to have somebody from Russell.

"They have given me the mandate to do it," he said.

April 14, 2005

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