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SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, May 30) – Visiting reggae star Lucky Dube believes reconciliation in Fiji is easier than it was in his native South Africa.

"What is happening here is small compared to what is happening in South Africa," Dube said at a press conference at the Raffles Tradewinds Hotel in Lami, outside Suva.

"If we can do it in South Africa then it should be easier here."

"People here are naturally nice and easy. In South Africa, apartheid left a very bad taste and made it very difficult- but here with the people you have, it is workable."

Dube, who is the first from South Africa to record with Motown, has promised a spectacular show at the Post Fiji Stadium tonight before departing for Tonga tomorrow.

His visit to Fiji comes at a time when Government is trying to push through a Bill to reconcile the country following the political upheaval of 2000.

His concert has even attracted the sponsorship of the Ministry of Reconciliation as it attempts to promote cultural understanding.

"Lucky Dube is an internationally recognised star whose lyrics promote unity between different ethnic groups," said the ministry's chief executive officer Apisalome Tudreu.

Dube promises to deliver just that tonight.

"We are also doing reconciliation at home and to me this tour is a continuation for people to reconcile. The song, 'No future in the past' reflects just that."

Dube plans to spend less time on the road in future and instead write music and produce the music of some promising African talents.

It is likely that Fijian music may be fused into his songs at some stage in his 20 year singing career "if the inspirations right".

Luck Dube last visited Fiji in the mid-90s when his ardent fans at the Suva prison broke out of jail to attend his sellout concert.

May 31, 2005



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