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ALOFI, Niue (Niue News, June 1) – About 40 people involved in fishing on Niue voiced their concern over the Niue Fish Processing agreement with the government which has seen four long-liners working sea mounts around the island.

The catches have been processed and flown to Fiji for distribution in the United States.

Niue fishermen expressed concern at the sale of by-catches on the local market and called for price control.

They also raised the issue of unfair competition - licensed boats get fuel for $1.05 cents a litre while local fishermen pay $2 litre for diesel.The lack of communication in the industry was also voiced and the meeting was told boats in the area are being fitted with satellite positioning survellience equipment to ensure catches are adequately recorded and vessels monitored.

The meeting was called by the island's Canoe And Fishermen’s Association.

Many Niuean fishermen have in the past expressed concern at licensed boats moving too close to the island’s shores and working over sea mounts. They want inshore stocks preserved for those who fish to provide for their families and for the local market.

June 2, 2005

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