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By Agnes M. Abrau

KOROR, Palau (Palau Horizon, June 20) – Seventy Palau traditional leaders led by Paramount Chiefs Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons and Reklai Raphael Ngirmang met with the delegates of the Second Constitutional Convention to discuss proposals regarding the role of the Council of Chiefs in Palau.

Two lawyers — Carlos Salii and Moses Uludong — briefed the traditional leaders on proposals regarding the chiefs’ duties and responsibilities.

The chiefs are also scheduled to attend a "ConCon" public hearing role on the council’s policy decisions and processes.

Of the 251 proposals submitted to the 25-member ConCon, 13 would dramatically expand the powers of the traditional leaders.

According to Herman Balio Ngiraidong, special assistant to High Chief Ibedul, they will attend the hearing to protect their role in Palau.

They are also expected to give their opinions on some issues and proposals being considered by the ConCon.

Some of the proposals would extend the traditional leaders’ power in the settlement of land disputes and state boundaries between or among states.

There is also a proposal that would require the approval of the Council of Chiefs on matters regarding Palau’s diplomatic relations.

June 20, 2005

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