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By Maika Nagalu

SUVA, Fiji (FijiSUN, June 23) - Methodists in Fiji have applied for a permit to stage a march to protest against gay marriages and lesbians on Saturday.

Organizer Reverend Malakai Tuikadavu, of the Nausori Methodist Church circuit, said this would not be a political march but "a faith march to show the people what we believe in."

He said it was sad to see through the media that other countries had allowed same sex marriages and that children had been able to see it through television.

"We could not allow this thing to happen around our community," said Tuikadavu.

He said this showed humans were worse than animals, which do not perform such immoral acts.

"If we allow gay marriages and lesbian in, our country will be under a curse," he said.

Tuikadavu said such an example of a curse that could happen to our country, would be a tsunami like that, which hit Indonesia.

"In Indonesia, the animals escaped and human beings were victims of the tsunami," Tuikadavu said.

He said what made matters worse was that it was also present in our judiciary system.

"It is shameful that morality has been lost from the people today," he said.

The minister said the march was fully supported by other church denomination around the Nausori area and they had also indicated their participation at Ratu Cakobau Park on Saturday.

Commissioner Central Inoke Devo said he had received their application for the march. "I am still pondering over their application and I am going to make a decision soon," said Devo.

June 24, 2005


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