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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, July 9) – The Solomon Islands government says it is currently working on fisheries legislation to impose a ban on harvesting and exporting beche-de-mer.

It says studies conducted in collaboration with other scientific institutions working in the country have shown that the country’s sea cucumber, or beche-de-mer, resources had been over-fished in all Provinces, and its collapse in the near future is inevitable.

The department says a ban is necessary to allow these resources to build up again, and allow the department to develop a National Beche-de-mer Management Plan to ensure sustainable harvesting of these resources in the future.

The Fisheries Department says the ban is indefinite, meaning that it will be in place until such time stocks have recovered and a national management plan is in place.

Between now and August 1st, all exporters of beche-de-mer products are expected to export all in their stock, as no beche-de-mer will leave the country from 1st August 2005.

July 11, 2005

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.:

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