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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Aug. 15) –The Principal of the Bishop Patteson Theological College at Kohimarama on west Guadalcanal has called on the state or government to recognise the church for its prophetic mission in the quest for truth and justice.

Mr Philemon Akao told Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza and his Vanuatu counter-part, Hon Ham Lini when they visited the College Saturday that "the stronger the state recognises the church for its prophetic mission in the quest for the truth and justice, the closer our common quests for peace and harmony in the Melanesian region."

Mr Akao said often the disparity between the church and the state weakens the fundamental roles both should uphold for the wellbeing of its citizens.

"The Government nor the church should exist for its own sake," he said. "Nor can the state politicise its role neither should the church preaches the other world and ignores the sovereignty of its people."

Mr Akao said the impact of globalisation couldn’t be left to the politicians alone.

"The impact of globalisation for good or bad, the AIDS pandemic, militia activities, environment degradation to name but a few, cannot be left to the politician alone."

He said: "After all it is human beings who are victims of these realities therefore it is the coexistence of the church and the state alone in their genuine disparity can make the differences to peoples’ lives."

"This partnership in recent times was exemplified by the mean and women of the religious orders especially by members of the Melanesian Brotherhood," Mr Akao said.

"The death of the seven Melanesian Brothers was more than heroism, because their death is a self discloser of God’s deliberate rejection of blood shed and the evil of senseless killing."

Mr Akao thanked Prime Ministers Sir Allan and Mr Lini for being the two first Prime Ministers of Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to visit the Bishop Patteson Theological College at Kohimarama and the headquarters of the Melanesian Brotherhood at Tabalia at the same time.

Both Prime Ministers were shown around the College before visiting Tabalia.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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