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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Aug. 30) – A disagreement over timber rights reportedly triggered a clash between two logging companies operating on Gela, in Solomon Islands’ Central Province.

The dispute between the two companies – Dalgro Solomon Islands and Success Company –resulted in the detention of a Success Company bulldozer and its driver and damages to one of Success Company’s vehicles.

According to reports, the dispute seemed to ignite out of a misinterpretation of timber rights which had been granted to Success Company over certain areas in Gela. As a result, last Friday Dalgro Solomon Islands’ workers held a Success Company’s bulldozer and its driver for several hours.

The report said the bulldozer was forcefully escorted to Dalgro camp and kept there for several hours before it was released.

At the same time, it said Success Company’s vehicle was chain-sawed.

When contacted yesterday, a spokesperson for Success Company who did not want to be named said the incident was instigated by a certain Asian.

However, a Dalgro Company spokesperson Leydel Qena said the incident happened because some of Success Company workers pulled some of their logs in the night.

Mr Qena said Dalgro Company is contracted to log the area but when they cut the trees a Success Company’s bulldozer came and tried to pull out the logs to which they held the bulldozer and its operator to get some attention in order to settle the problem.No one was injured during the incident last Friday, however lawyers from both companies are now working on some urgent amicable settlement.

Dalgro is being subcontracted by Tropical Forest Ltd while Success is being sub-contracted under Tropical Resources Development Company.

According to reports, the incident last Friday was not the first to have happened between the two companies.

August 31, 2005

Solomon Star: http://www.solomonstarnews.com/

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