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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (Oct. 3) – The island of Bali in Indonesia has once again become bloody scene as suicide bombers renew terrorist bombings of the popular travel destination of Western tourists.

Innocent holidaymakers have lost their lives in these senseless acts of violence perpetrated by extremists who have absolutely no respect for the dignity of human life. In 2002, some 202 foreign tourists were killed when massive explosions blew to pieces popular nightclubs frequented by westerners. World leaders have condemned the bombings said to be masterminded by two Malaysian citizens.

These attacks remind every nation — including Papua New Guinea — of the importance of securing our international borders to prevent terrorists from using our soil to carry out their crimes.

Right now, our capacity and ability to respond to any threats against this nation is severely limited — firstly by the serious lack of manpower in our security forces and secondly by the lack of logistical and other resources.

It is times like this that must prompt the Government to order frequent reviews of the level of preparedness of law enforcement agencies to ensure we are on alert at all times to safeguard our internal borders as well as our internal security.

Our police and defence force must be adequately funded and resourced to carry out their constitutional duties with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our land border with Indonesia must be constantly patrolled to ensure perpetrators of illegal activities do not carry out their lawless activities along the region.

Surveillance of our fishing grounds must be carried out daily to prevent illegal fishermen from stealing our valuable marine products.

This is another act of terrorism that we must guard our country against. It is a form of terrorism that aims to make us poor by robbing some of our most valuable resources.

Security at our major airports must be handled by trained police and not private security personnel.

We cannot take for granted that we are a safe country and therefore will be spared of any trans-national crime.

All the elements of violence already exist in this country for anything to happen and this is the reason why we say our police and other law enforcement agencies must be adequately resourced with highly trained manpower to deal with any threat.

October 4, 2005

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