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By Nazario Rodriguez Jr.

KOROR Palau (Palau Horizon, Oct. 27) — Four Japanese experts have arrived in Palau to assess solid waste management in the country.

Bureau of Public Works Director Masasinge Arurang said the four Japanese visitors, from Nippon Koei Co, Ltd. are experts in different fields. They are Shigeru Kanaya, Kamishita Takahiro, Mr. Imai and Mr. Fukazawa.

Kanaya is the chief adviser and he will be here mainly to work on solid waste management policy, institution and planning aspect of the project. Imai is here for solid waste landfill management.

Kamishita is working on organization, finance and human resource capacity development and workshop, while Fukusawa is here for public enhancement and education.

"They are here to assess the project in order that they can schedule when to start it," Arurang said.

The survey is expected to be finished in two months.

A background study of the project revealed that waste has been dumped into landfill sites without proper management. The existing landfills in every state have impacted the environment and resulted in unsanitary conditions.

In Koror, the M-Dock landfill has been operated for several decades with insufficient safeguards. As the landfill is close to populated areas, residents are complaining about its undesirable condition.

The landfill’s poor condition may have "a negative influence on tourism, an important industry for Palau economy," according to the background study.

Due to these problems, Palau has requested Japan to provide technical cooperation to improve capacity for solid waste management.

The project covers the renovation of a final disposal method, the improvement of waste collection and the recovery of recyclable materials from the solid waste system.

October 27, 2005

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