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SAIPAN, CNMI (Saipan Tribune, Nov. 22) – When his four-year gubernatorial term ends in January 2006, private citizen Juan N. Babauta will continue to be busy, trying his hands on many projects, including launching his own newspaper business in Saipan.

"Writing is close to my heart. I plan on starting a newspaper. I believe in an objective, balanced, and fair journalism. The public relies on information that's disseminated through the mass media. I want to play that role," said Babauta in an interview with reporters in his office yesterday.

He emphasized, "I want that to be a real newspaper."

Babauta said his plan for a newspaper is "not to get back" at his critics, who have freely and "harshly" criticized him without end in the media.

"The local media has been unfair to me but I'm not doing this to get back. I'm doing this because I want to bring a sense of balance [in terms of media coverage] to the community," he said.

He said he could not promote partiality because "I know how it feels to be a victim."

The governor, who lost in his re-election bid in the November 5 general elections, said he feels "victimized" by the local media.

Babauta said his proposed newspaper would be his own. "I want to start my own, not somebody else's."

Aside from news papering, the governor also wants to fulfill his dream of teaching. He said he plans to teach an evening class at Northern Marianas College, possibly in American History or political science.

Babauta holds a bachelor's degree in American History from Eastern New Mexico University. He holds two master's degrees: Political Science/American History from Eastern New Mexico University and in Health Planning/Administration from the University of Cincinnati.

"My options are wide open," said Babauta.

Babauta's public service career began with his election to a four-year term as senator, serving in the 5th and 6th Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature.

After the Senate, Babauta was elected three times as Resident Representative to the United States, a position he held for 12 years, ending in 2002.

He won in the 2001 gubernatorial race, giving him four years to govern as the fifth CNMI governor. His term ends in the second week of January 2006.

November 22, 2005

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