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SUVA, Fiji (Jan. 3) – The Fiji Police Force should explain why it is taking long to investigate the main financiers of the May 19, 2000, coup. Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes should now come out with the truth.

Is it because there is lack money or evidence, which is always the excuse given by police?

If not, could it be the fact that certain senior police officers were involved in the coup and are now doing almost anything to cover them up.

Key witnesses Maciu Navakasuasua and Josaia Waqabaca have spoken out publicly about their involvement. The men have already served their time in jail and now they are determined to see that the main instigators should also face the full brunt of the law.

Former Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has given police a list of people who were supporting the coup through financial means.

But nothing has been forthcoming from the police.

That is why Commissioner Hughes has to do a lot of explaining to the people of this country. Justice must prevail because citizens of this country have suffered because of a few elites who were basically there for themselves.

Delaying the coup investigation affects the country’s economy. It will bring instability in the political front, hence it scares away investors.

And thus brings in more miseries and at the same time hinders our progress.

There is no need for a cover-up or to brush the evidence beneath the carpet. Everything has to be transparent. Commissioner Hughes should take control of the coup investigation because it is the only way we can see justice been done.

[PIR editor’s note: According to PIR files, former Fiji Nationalist Party senior member Josaia Waqabaca stated "The police should have taken in...two business executives and interrogated them because it is from there that they will get to the main players of the May 19, 2000, political crisis" (read the story).]

January 4, 2006


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