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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Jan. 31) - Residents of Burns Creek in Solomon Islands Guadalcanal feared the continuing bad weather could destroy all their gardens along the Lungga River.

John Seti Iromea, a spokesman for the residents, said most of their gardens were destroyed already as a result of the bad weather over the weekend and feared that continued bad weather would wash away the rest.

"At the moment most of our food is gone and our fear is it will all go if the weather remains as it is," Iromea said.

The Weather Office has indicated that the bad weather would continue for at least the next two days.

Iromea said unlike most Honiara residents, Burns Creek residents rely on their gardens for survival.

"We sell produce from our gardens then use the money to buy food. That’s how we survive," he said.

Iromea said the destruction of the gardens would mean the loss of income and end a means of survival for them.

He asked the Disaster Management Office to send officers to assess the damage caused by the flood.

However, Iromea cautioned that they did not want to see the same officers who did the assessment in the past.

"These people came to assess our destroyed gardens and have never reported back to us. We were even more upset that there was no relief supply because we desperately were in need that time," he said.

Iromea said if the disaster management came with the same idea to visit their gardens then they should stay away altogether.

Meanwhile Iromea has urged any concerned groups or individuals to assist them.

Previously, only the former Member of Parliament for East Honiara, Simeon Bouro, has donated 50 bags of rice to the residents of Burns Creek after their gardens were damaged.

February 1, 2006

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