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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Feb. 23) – And so Solomon Islands will now go the polls on April 5th.

Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena announced the much-awaited date yesterday, much to the relief of the anxious public.

In the next couple of weeks, candidates will be going around telling people why they want to contest.

Some will be visiting communities they’ve never visited before. Others will trek to mountain villages they’ve never heard of or been to in their lives.

There will be candidates knocking on family homes late into the night with inducement gifts.

Candidates will be making all sorts of promises. They will promise to do this and that if they win the election.

Some will be very kind and hospitable. They will open up their homes for everyone.

In fact this is a time when we will see only the good and positive side of a candidate.

But let’s be wary Solomon Islanders.

For this is a very significant event in the history of this nation.

It is significant because the ballot paper we cast on April 5th will determine the destiny of our beloved nation.

Allow not a few silver coins to interfere with your judgement. We all know who will make a good leader and who will not.

Never fall for promises that are too good to be true, or dirty your hands with inducement gifts.

Take time to listen to what candidates are going to say during the campaign period.

Assess their commentaries and statements. But don’t buy their election promises because they will never fulfill them.

The decision that each voter will make on April 5th should be based on the best of his or her judgement.

The judgement must be freed of inducement or bribes.

February 27, 2006

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