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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, March 20) - Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement will be contesting 30 seats in the April 5 election.

According to the party’s secretary general Sam Alasia, these candidates will be contesting in selected constituencies through the nine provinces.

Alasia said since the party launched early this year it had attracted a lot of interest.

"Initially, the Party being new, only wanted to field in 15 candidates but because of the great interest shown in the party, we accepted other candidates to contest under our banner," Alasia said.

He said as a party concern for the rural people their national priorities will be on: sustenance of peace; national unity; economic reconstruction; quality leadership; public service reform; gender equality; status of women; education; and health.

The secretary general said on the provincial level, the issue of decentralization of powers and recognition of community governance structures would be Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement’s priorities.

As for the constituency level, the party will focus on community governance, infrastructure development and recognition of traditional values to enhance rural development.

"There is no such things as national economy without the various sectoral development and participation by the rural people in their own small economies. This is one of the main focuses of the party.

"We want to present this political party of the nation and voters because we want you to make a choice to make things happen," Alasia said.

Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement officials are President and Party leader Job Dudley Tausinga, Vice President Gordon Darcy, Secretary General Sam Alasia, National Treasurer Matthew Fakaia, Chairperson Political Committee Toswell Kaua and Public Relations Officer Stella Kokopu.

[PIR editor’s note: 453 candidates are reportedly running for seats in the national elections. The Liberal Party plans to contest 38 seats in parliament. Solomon Islands’ newest political party, Solomon First Party, will contest 21 seats.]

March 21, 2006

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