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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (March 21) - Everywhere you travel these days, you see and hear people talk about the Solomon Islands government, its failures, the previous politicians and public servants.

As April 5, the day Solomon Islanders go to the polls, gets closer, intending candidates campaign vigorously to influence as many voters as possible to vote for them.

There are many interesting issues happening this time.

There are many new so-called political parties emerging from nowhere with a limited number of candidates to contest for some of the parliamentary seats.

There are no genuine party policies or issues of national interest to influence the well-educated voters to vote for them. Some of the issues, which they think are genuine, are mere wishful thinking with no basic facts to support their claims. In another word, the issues do not make any sense.

There are too many candidates to contest for the 50 seats. A lot of candidates think they know about politics.

Politics is a difficult issue and many of us lack the know-how, the twist-and-turns, the political jargons, the legal language when it comes to discussing bills, the economic and business sense, when dealing with complicated transnational issues and diplomacy.

If you cannot even settle small financial and family issues at home, how can you solve Solomon Islands major problems? Previous politicians blamed their advisors for the wrongs Solomon Islanders have experienced so far.

However, it is you leaders that have the final say. When your decisions are wrong, you will certainly wreck the country. There are so many wreckages already at Ranadi beach and within both the central and provincial governments.

It has and will cost this government dearly to clean up the wreckage.

A lot of women too are contesting this time. Very good for you. But you have to be strong and be firm.

Many registered voters will cast their votes and celebrate their winning candidates out of the 400 plus money-seekers. This country will once again be ruled by the minority and in someway this is undemocratic.

People always use the phrase "money talk". It means what it means. Only those with the money have the power to manipulate in politics.

People with the money will tell you who they want to be the Prime Minister. They have the final say, not you voters.

These people have the power to toast politicians around and when the bait is put onto the table, a politician either swallow it or you are thrown overboard. This is how politics work in the Solomon Islands. Only those with the gut can make changes but will become unpopular.

March 22, 2006

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