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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (April 28) – Signs of calm and stability are returning to our capital following the dramatic departure of Solomon Islands Prime Minister Snyder Rini, Wednesday.

This was marked by the revocation of the nightly curfew that was in place since last Wednesday.

Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena's lifting of the curfew yesterday brought much relief to the business community in Honiara.

Individuals, too, whose movements were restricted for the past week, could now move around freely, anytime.

However, city residents must continue to exercise restraint, and show respect to each other.

Our Chinese citizens, who suffered the most in last week's violence, should be embraced and welcomed back into the public arena.

Those who want to rebuild their businesses should be allowed to do so freely.

The situation remains fragile, but citizens must continue to respect law and order.

That said, Solomon Islanders now yearn for a new government.

Strangely enough, three weeks after the national polls on April 5, the country is still without a government.

The violence that erupted in the wake of Mr. Rini's election and the subsequent demise of his Government on Wednesday, denied the country a government.

The Opposition, which up until yesterday commanded the majority following the defection of five government Members of Parliament, is now optimistic of forming a new government.

However, the defection of the five Members of Parliament has only helped to bring the numbers game back into action.

Until the election of a new prime minister next week, political horse-trading will continue.

We can't, at this stage, confidently say which camp will form the next government.

It is sad that despite the public's wish for stable leadership in this country, certain Members of Parliament are finding it fun to move from one camp to another.

This is a gross misrepresentation of their people. Such Members of Parliament brought their own credibility into question.

Now with the situation returning to normal, we hope that our Members of Parliament will settle down and seriously think of putting a government in place.

The nation urgently needs a stable government.

Defection, instability and uncertainty will bring us no good.

May 1,2006

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