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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, May 25) – Countries around the world are facing a greater environmental danger if we do not cooperate and cut gas emissions produce on this planet.

Former COP3 Kyoto Conference chairman and President of Stop Onadankan Japan Centre for Climate Change Actions in Tokyo, Hiroshi Oki, raised this warning during a meeting with Pacific journalists yesterday.

Mr. Oki said the rate of gas emission around the globe is faster than ever.

"Also the rate of temperature is rising, giving threat to global warming which will cause rise to sea level. This means Pacific Island States like Tuvalu and Kiribati are vulnerable to the threat of losing their islands to rising sea level," Mr. Oki said.

He said to tackle this problem both developed and developing countries in the world must cooperate to save this planet.

He said currently North and South Poles are being affected by the increasing temperature meaning human beings and the economy of countries would also be affected.

"People will have to move to higher ground because once sea levels rise land will also be scarce."

Mr. Oki was the chairman of the Kyoto Protocol between 1997 and 2000.

He said countries like Japan must cut its gas emission by 6 per cent, United States 8 per cent and European countries 8 per cent to lessen the increasing temperature.

Unfortunately, he said that commitment failed to occur.

Instead he said Europe and Japan are recording an increase in gas emission while the U.S. failed to uphold the deal.

According to the Japan Centre for Climate Change Actions the world’s temperature had risen 1.4 degrees in 2000 and is expected to be around 5.8 degree in 2100 if the current rate continues.

As such Mr. Oki said the countries of this world must act now to avoid the problem hitting hard on the Pacific and the world.

May 26, 2006

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