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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star,) – Solomon Islanders beware of crocodiles.

A local diver issued this warning yesterday after an encounter and eventual killing of an estimated 10 foot crocodile at Lungga River, east of Honiara last weekend.

Maxon Ala, commonly known to his friends as ‘crocodile dude’, said it is undisputable that crocodiles are in the river.

"The claw prints on the sand bank and numerous encounters confirmed that there are crocodiles in the river," he said.

Ala said although no crocodile attacks have been reported from the river, it is wise to take precautions.

Lungga River is a regular swimming and playing spot for residents.

He warned families who frequent the river to be careful and not to allow their kids to swim on their own.

The crocodile is a large meat-eating reptile with long jaws and a long tail that lives partly in water.

Ala, from Gilbert Camp District in Central Honiara, confronted and killed his latest victim (crocodile) during a diving trip along the river.

Armed with a spear and with support from his dive team, they killed the creature, cut it open and return home with the edible flesh.

Ala, who has dove the river for years, confirmed that he has killed 24 crocodiles at different dates along the river.

"From my experience, I strongly believe there is an increasing population of crocodiles in the river and nearby swamps.

"Those frequenting the river must be extra careful. I’m not forbidding anyone to swim but it is a matter of preventing getting hurt or killed," he said.

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