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PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, June 12) – An exciting new episode is available for those who have seen "Survivor" on TV.

Set in the fertile jungle in the foothills above Linbul, North Ambrym, a team of locals are waiting to teach you all you need to know about jungle survival.

[PIR editor’s note: Ambrym is an island in Vanuatu which boasts an active volcano. ]

"The tour is very hands on. I had a go at everything, except the coconut climbing," said Peter Cattanach of Australia, who was the first tourist to brave the new tour. "These guys really know their stuff. I had a great time learning some pretty full on survival skills like trapping pigs and making fire. Let’s hope I never have to use them for real."

Tourists who challenge themselves with this half day tour will also learn to build a jungle shelter, weave baskets using coconut fronds, and use a traditional bow and arrow for hunting. But don’t worry if you don’t catch anything as the tour ends with a tropical fruit platter and refreshing juice drink.

"The locals are experts in survival as they use these skills all the time in their daily lives", said Pippa Kerby, an AusAID Australian Youth Ambassador volunteer who is helping to promote tourism in North Ambrym. "We are hoping visitors to Ambrym’s major attractions such as the Rom Dance and the active Volcanoes will also be attracted to the unique experience offered by the survivor tour", she said. "If you are planning a visit to Ambrym I would recommend coming for at least a week as there is so much to see and do, including bush discovery walks, village tours, beach BBQ’s, snorkeling and joining in with children’s custom games", said Pippa.

June 14, 2006

Vanuatu Daily Post:

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