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SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, June 15) – Angaur’s state legislature, the Olbiil Era Ngeaur [House Of Leaders], has adopted a resolution approving and ratifying the license agreement between the state and Palau Pacific Energy Inc. regarding oil and gas exploration and development.

[PIR editor’s note: According to a recent article in the scholarly journal The Contemporary Pacific, published by the Center for Pacific Island Studies at the University of Hawaii, the only company interested in prospecting is Palau Pacific Energy Inc, whose real corporate identity remains unknown.]

House Of Leaders Resolution 12-24 was introduced by state legislator Norbert Blau and was adopted during the fourth special session.

It was Gov. Horace Rafael who negotiated and signed the license agreement which the House Of Leaders then reviewed.

State lawmakers said they found the provisions of the agreement to be fair, reasonable and beneficial to Angaur.

Copies of the resolution have been transmitted to the Office of the President, the Senate, the House of Delegates, other state officials of Angaur, including the Angaur State Economic Development and Planning Commission.

Angaur is one of the outlying states in the southwest of Palau.

A similar gas exploration project is being pushed in the state of Kayangel.

[PIR editor’s note: Angaur is located on the southwestern most tip of the main Palau Islands. During the early 1900’s, Germany ran phosphate mining operations on the 8 square kilometer island. Kayangel is located on the northern end of the Palau archipelago.]

June 15, 2006

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