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SUVA, Fiji (Fiji 1 News, August 1) – Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry today attempted to clear the air on what has caused a rift in the party's top brass.

In a press conference, Chaudhry said Vuda party member Vijay Singh had himself to blame for allowing Felix Anthony to take his seat.

[PIR Editors’ note: Read Chaudhry’s full press release here.]

Chaudhry further claims he took no undertaking to offer Singh, a senate position.

The current controversy began during the selection of party candidates for the Vuda Indian Communal and the Vuda Open seats.

Chaudhry claims he had dis-agreed with the party management board's decision to endorse Felix Anthony and remove potential candidate Vijay Singh saying Anthony hadn't applied for the seat.

He also claims he requested Vijay Singh against giving his seat to Felix Anthony.

Chaudhry says he made no commitments to Singh that he would be nominated to senate.

Chaudhry says, "The five dissenting executive members Krishna Dutt, Poseci Bune, Atu Bain, Agni Deo Singh and Anthony now face disciplinary action".

August 2, 2006


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