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HAGATNA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, September 4) – Democrat gubernatorial candidate and former Delegate Robert Underwood and his running mate, Sen. Frank Aguon Jr., are moving on to the Nov. 7 General Election with the promise of support from their once fierce campaign rivals.

Former Gov. Carl Gutierrez and his gubernatorial teammate, Sen. Benajmin J. Cruz, had shown enthusiasm during the early hours of the ballot counting, but after it became apparent around 4 a.m. yesterday that Underwood-Aguon's lead wasn't going to be overcome, Gutierrez and Cruz accepted defeat graciously.

With their supporters, campaign officials and senatorial candidates, the Gutierrez-Cruz team visited the pumped-up crowd at the Underwood-Aguon headquarters in Anigua. Elated Underwood-Aguon supporters hugged Gutierrez-Cruz followers, some of whom were in tears.

Saturday's Primary Election also saw the defeat of incumbent Attorney General Douglas Moylan's re-election bid. Moylan, Guam's first elected attorney general, trailed opponents attorneys Alicia Limtiaco and Vern Perez, both of whom now advance to the General Election.

The Primary Election also narrowed voters' choices in the Democrat senatorial race. Only 15 of the 21 Democrat senatorial candidates will advance to the November General Election. The slate of Democrat candidates is an eclectic one -- three incumbents, four former legislators, a former lieutenant governor candidate, an activist and an elected school board member, to name a few.

But the Democrat race that attracted the most voter attention was the Democrat gubernatorial primary.

As painful as the loss has been for their team, Gutierrez and Cruz said they would work with the Underwood-Aguon team for a common goal: replace incumbent Republican Gov. Felix Camacho with "Gov. Underwood." Camacho won against his lieutenant governor, Kaleo Moylan, in the Republican primary, according to the unofficial results.

"We made sure to come over ... to assist these two men in bringing the island into the next century," Cruz said.

Underwood shed tears, too, as the outpouring of support came from the Gutierrez-Cruz camp.

Underwood said he and Aguon are humbled by the gestures of alliances that were expressed during yesterday's early morning celebration.

Underwood said he and Aguon also are honored because besides their team, the two other candidates who know real-people issues are Gutierrez and Cruz.

With the Primary Election over, Aguon said the focus will be on how to confront "real-life issues" island residents face, such as the problems affecting public schools and the health-care system's shortcomings.

Underwood, a former member of Congress, thanked Gutierrez, a two-term governor, for Gutierrez's "decades of leadership and public service. ... Being a champion of the grass roots.

"My friend B.J. Cruz, ... you will continue to be a great leader for the future. ... I thank you, Carl and B.J., and the people of Guam, thank you," Underwood said.

Underwood also thanked the Republican gubernatorial team of Lt. Gov. Kaleo Moylan and his running mate, former Sen. Francis Santos, who lost to Gov. Camacho and Sen. Mike Cruz's team, based on unofficial results.

The Guam Election Commission must meet to approve the final election results.

Some of the Moylan-Santos supporters went to the Underwood-Aguon headquarters during yesterday's early morning celebration.

"Kaleo Moylan and Francis Santos, thank you for the courage you have shown in challenging the status quo, and providing practical and innovative ideas with which to move the island forward," Underwood said.

September 4, 2006

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