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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Sept. 25) - Proud and arrogant leaders will not last, Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer said yesterday.

Speaking under the theme, "Quality leaders for a better and prosperous Solomon Islands," Sir Albert said, "there are too many leaders who are proud and arrogant."

"This is not a mark of a quality leader. Such a leader is surely headed for a fall and destruction," Sir Albert said.

The Chief Justice was invited by the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation to speak at the 54th anniversary of broadcasting in Solomon Islands. He said Solomon Islanders are crying for quality leaders.

"The people of Solomon Islands want peace, prosperity, law and order and good governance but without good leaders, their cry will go unheeded. How long will we allow this cry to go unheeded?"

"What is the problem? When will quality leaders arise? Are they still sleeping? If so when will they wake up? The night is long gone, it is daytime and time for quality leaders to arise," Sir Albert says, in yet another of his powerful messages on leadership.

The chief justice says Solomon Islands is at a crucial stage in its development and growth. The need for quality leadership in all walks of life is never more so critical than it is today, he added.

"Before all our resources are destroyed or lost for ever we must be able to control and manage how they are used now and for future generations," he said.

Sir Albert said too many people aspire to be leaders and strive for positions of leadership, even bribe their way through to leadership positions. But when they take up those leadership position and roles, they make a mess of it or leave a sad legacy of abuse, misuse, mismanagement and corruption behind," Sir Albert said.

He advised those who aspire to become leaders not to strive for leadership positions without appreciating the price or the cost of leadership.

"If we want quality leaders, then what we want are great men and women. Great men and women are humble. If we want quality leaders, then they must learn how to humble themselves for God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble," Sir Albert said.

"Humility means service. Being willing to serve to be ministers. A chief minister is a chief servant," the Chief Justice said.

September 26, 2006

Solomon Star:

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