HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, October 18) – A Sydney lawyer who came at the invitation of the Government says he is here to observe current law and order issues in the country.

But Christian Roger de Robillard refused to say who paid for his trip to the country and whether he’s going to advise the government on current legal issues.

The Solomon Star was earlier told Mr Robillard was brought into the country by the Government in the absence of an attorney-general.

The Government had not been seeking advice from the Office of the Attorney General since the Julian Moti saga erupted.

It was believed Mr Robillard was brought in to advise the government on the Moti issue.

Mr Robillard, who flew business class paid for by tax payers of Solomon Islands, arrived yesterday but no government official waited for him at the airport.

He took a taxi to his hotel.

The former Mauritian barrister refused to say whether he’s going to provide advice to the Government or who invited him into the country.

He admitted that he once spent six weeks in a Vanuatu jail, but his sentenced was overturned by a court of appeal ruling.

He said he had known Julian Moti during their time in Vanuatu.

Mr Robillard was also critical of the Australian Government’s arrest of Moti.

"Why is Moti wanted only when he was involved in the Commission of Inquiry?

"Why won’t they arrest him in the last nine years in relation of the charges he’s now facing," Mr Robillard asked yesterday.

He said he was interest in the rule of law in Solomon Islands.

Mr Robillard has long been known as a critic of the Australian Government and police dealings in the Pacific.

His legal certificate was briefly cancelled in 2002 by the New South Wales Bar Association.

In August this year, an Australia Federal Court ordered that Mr Robillard’s Sydney estate be held under the country’s Bankruptcy Act.

The order was made after Mr Robillard failed to repay a AUD$40,000 [US$30,200] loan he borrowed from George Lindsay Carver.

Mr Robillard said he would be staying in the country for a short time.

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