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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (October 24) – It’s time for police and the Papua New Guinea government to put a stop to the demonic activities of a so-called "Black Jesus’’ in an area just an hour’s drive from Madang town.

Our report on the front page today will horrify many readers. It was not published with a prurient desire to shock and sell papers. It is there for all to see what is happening in one area of a province that is otherwise regarded as a peaceful, law-abiding and God-fearing group of people.

When such terrible things happen, nothing is gained by hiding the news from the public gaze. Indeed, this disastrous event, with the bizarre killing of a young girl and cannibalism of her body, has been lurking in front of the authorities for nearly two years.

Reports have been coming out of that area for a long time of the despicable sex and cultist activities spawned by a small group of people.

Minor arrests and convictions have been made, but the force of government power has yet to reach into the hideaways of this wicked cluster of "leaders.’’ Why hasn’t the Government acted with more decisiveness? How far have the police gone to round up these people and throw them behind bars? What are the churches doing to render these sacrilegious people useless?

Madang is renowned for being a holiday idyll, a haven from the crime and fear of our capital city, a place where old style hospitality and kindness still reign. For the town and other parts of the province, that is still true. But if the opposite rules in a part of the Trans Gogol, those with power in the police force and the Government must get together and quickly do something to stamp this cult out of existence. The initial actions will require firmness. Then community leaders and church heads will have to show their mettle by getting into that community to bring them back to the real Word of God. If they cannot do this, we must bring in people who can. One thing is for sure, if this cluster of evil is not uprooted quickly, its ideas and examples may spread.

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